Tables in Storyline 360

A 2017 update finally added tables to the Storyline 360 menu.

If you know you’re way around the interface, it’s pretty easy to add and edit them.

Here’s a quick video that will have you using tables in a minute or two. Or, if you prefer your info in carefully composed and typed text, read on.

How to add a table

If you’ve used them in any other program, the method will be familiar so long as you know where to find the functions.

To add a table, simply:

  1. Go to the INSERT tab.
  2. Select the Table drop-down menu.
  3. Choose the number of rows and columns you want.

How to modify a table

Once your table is there, select it to make modifications:

  1. Use the DESIGN tab to customise its appearance, with colour options for the fill and border, and styling options for the header row and the border.
  2. Use the FORMAT tab to Insert or Delete rows and columns, as well as defining height, width, text direction and other parameters.

Note: The correct ‘DESIGN’ and ‘FORMAT’ tabs will only be available if and when you select the table with a mouse click. If your table isn’t selected, these tabs may be hidden.

Just desserts

Crazy as it seems, prior to this update, Storyline offered no way to put a table onto a slide.

Sure, there were ways to get a similar effect. You could draw boxes and spend your time aligning them really well to simulate a table. Or, you could make a table elsewhere—e.g. in PowerPoint—then export it as an image and paste it into your slide. These hacks presented well enough to end-users, but they weren’t great for developers.

Tables is an important feature for the future of Storyline as software. It’s not groundbreaking. Quite the opposite, in fact. Rather, many users expect that tables should come standard. These folks tend to believe that they should be able to insert a table with any authoring software. So, with this update, Articulate makes Storyline meet those common expectations.

Dinner is served

That’s the fresh produce from Articulate. It was a long wait, but tasty when it arrived.

Easily adding tables from within Storyline itself will save time for the team at Storyline Developer. Used right, they’re sure to help you too.

When Articulate unveiled this new function, they also expanded the 360 Content Library. Get more on that in our quick review of the Articulate 360 content added in 2017. There’s some new characters and a new template worth checking out.

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