Storyline Power Launch

Participant level: Novice –> Intermediate
Duration: 2 days

Elevate your skill-set to professional heights.

To go further than a quick start, get a power launch. This course goes in-depth into Articulate Storyline’s capabilities.

This 2-day course guides you to create courses that are customised, interactive and attractive.

Participants come to this course with little or no knowledge of Storyline. They exit with the ability to create and publish engaging, interactive and compelling e-learning from scratch.

Course outcomes

Upskill your team so they’re able to create information or performance-based courses as well as software simulations.
In this course, we take an in-depth look at Storyline’s capabilities so you’re able to use its out-of-the-box features as well as customise look-and-feel and interactions. Newcomers are empowered to get creating instantly and take their courses to the next level. On completion, they’ll be able to develop and publish interactive e-learning courses—including assessment—ready for upload.

Who should take this course?

Storyline Power Launch is appropriate training for:

  • Learning designers with some, little or no experience with authoring tools.
  • People with experience of other e-learning authoring tools, wanting to switch to Storyline.
  • People with a training or teaching background who are moving into e-learning design/development.


Before undertaking this course, trainees should possess a basic knowledge of learning principles.
For the purposes of convenient course planning, a working knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint is advantageous, but not essential.

Course contents

The course includes how to:

  • Start a project from scratch
  • Navigate the Storyline interface
  • Add scenes, slides and layers
  • Insert content and media
  • Use triggers and states to create interactivity
  • Create assessment
  • Set player options and navigation
  • Publish your project into LMS and web-ready formats


  • Create custom navigation
  • Personalise your e-learning
  • Include animation and sliders
  • Create software simulations
  • Develop custom quizzes

Participants receive

  • All training manterials
  • Completion certificate

Will Power Launch participants become expert users after this course?

Storyline Power Launch training gives participants all they need to develop better-than-basic e-learning. You can count on graduates to produce software simulations and e-learning that is interactive, customised and engaging. With the technical skills under their belt, they can take things as far as their vision.
Once you’ve gained a little experience putting these principles into practice, professionals may find they start to hit the limit of basic capabilities. When this happens, we recommend taking the next step: Storyline Pro Kit training.


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