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Ready-to-Run Courses

Our courses give L&D teams the best possible outcomes, as fast as can be.
Whether beginner or experienced, we’ll up-those-skills pronto.

Get in touch. Let us know what’s best for you!

Learn Storyline Online

The same awesome outcomes as in-person Storyline Training.

With modern video conferencing tech and e-learning developed with Articulate Storyline, we offer training and professional development options to suit the self-isolating professional.

It’s a genuine Storyline Training experience—only socially-distanced, to enjoy and advance in the comfort of your own space.


Customised Programs

Ready-to-Run Storyline Training courses hit the mark for most folks,
but some teams often have unique needs.
We tailor training just for them.

Training Needs Analysis

Training Needs Analysis

Our streamlined methodology identifies the knowledge gaps that sit between your current capabilities and your objectives.

Expert recommendations

Expert recommendations

We set a structured program and implementation plan, forming a bridge across knowledge gaps to reach your destination.



With you, we find the best foot to put forward. Open communication is key to uncovering the correct path.

Course Creation

Course Creation

We create the customised courseware and learning resources designed to get your team exactly where they need to be.

Bespoke Resources

Bespoke Resources

Resources designed and branded for your organisation, including reference materials and re-usable digital assets.

Onsite Training

Onsite Training

From the opening moments until your team is creating their own courses—Storyline Training is your guide, right at your premises.

Need a Storyline Developer Pronto?


Storyline Developer Australia are the rapid development experts.


Where & When

Corporate training

When do you want it?

In general, we work to your schedule.

Ready-to-run Storyline Training courses typically run during office hours, with enough versatility to ensure you’re well served.

If you need something beyond the norm, let us know.

Open courses

We currently do not run open courses.

Storyline Training courses are costed for delivery at your preferred venue. Onsite at your office is easy. Or, you can book a venue you like better. Letting you control the venue is one way we continue to offer value.

If it’s more convenient for us to arrange an appropriate venue, let us know. We’ll add it in, easy done.

Our requirements are simple enough.

  • A room that’s suitably sized for the group.
    (We don’t swing cats. We sometimes pretend to.)
  • A projector and screen are handy.
    (We can book them on your behalf, if needed.)
  • Power outlets are vital.
    (We need juice for presentations. Learners need it so their computers stay on.)
  • Internet access, please.
    (Wi-Fi or wired is fine.)

Most modern offices and events venues have them. Chances are, it’s all there already.

If you need help making arrangements, get in touch. Our technicians are handy folk.

Each learner needs a computer, pre-loaded with two apps:

  • Articulate Storyline (licensed or trial version)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (desirable, but not essential)

That’s all.

Oh, and enthusiasm. BYO enthusiasm.

We’ll bring everything else.

Storyline Training sessions run at various lengths. Quick Start and Pro Kit are one-day courses. Power Launch is two days.

You’ll see progress instantly.

Then, as learners start to put their new skills into practice, they’ll continue to develop the efficiency over time.

Group Training

Sessions are completely hands-on. There is no sitting just listening to a trainer talk. We get straight into it from the get-go.

Your trainer will walk you through the topics step-by-step on a big screen. Participants follow on their computers, asking questions where required. Your trainer will check on you regularly and make sure everyone is going OK. They might even give you a chocolate bar.

Yes. Ten (10) is the maximum limit for group Storyline Training sessions.

Our sessions aren’t lectures, they’re designed to be interactive and engaging. These are pretty intensive practical courses. Our in-the-room experience shows that once groups get beyond ten, the benefits of expert guidance diminish.

Keep it to ten or fewer and everyone has the best opportunity to get what they need.


In fact, the great individual attention given to each participant in smaller groups can make them a very appealing way to go.

With Storyline Training’s flat fee per course, you’re free to balance the price-per-participant with the benefit of more personalised training and one-on-one opportunities.

Contact us ASAP and we’ll send you a rate card for your location.

We offer a Storyline One-on-One 1-day session for those located in Victoria.

Contact us and we’ll send you a rate card ASAP.

Course Content

Knowledge is the main thing. Expansion of capability, made possible by having a genuine expert dedicated to your professional development.

Besides knowledge, all Storyline Training courses include:

  • study materials, including a printed manual and digital assets
  • a professional presenter.

Think something else should be included? Let us know! We’ll do our best.

The right course depends on what you want to achieve. It’s important to have a clear understanding of your current situation as well as your ideal end-point. We have ready-to-run options for:

  • beginners aiming to get a grip on the basics
  • developers who are looking to switch to Storyline from another e-learning authoring tool, such as Adobe Captivate or Lectora
  • beginners taking the first step to become a professional e-learning developer
  • established practitioners looking to enhance their existing skill-set with advanced techniques.

Some teams are in a unique category and need something more than a ready-to-run course. You can get Storyline Training customised to meet your needs. If you’re not sure exactly what those needs are, you can get a Storyline Training needs analysis consultation to discover the best course of action.

We’ve been working with it since the beginning. We’ve been working on the most recent versions since before they were commercially released. That’s why our courses can be tailored to whichever version your team uses.

  • Storyline 1
  • Storyline 2
  • Storyline 3
  • Storyline 360, available to Articulate 360 subscribers



Storyline Training sessions are priced per session. Contact us and we’ll send you a rate card based on your location.

Training in Victoria:

Full payment is required one week before the training starts for courses in Victoria.

Training outside Victoria:

For courses outside Victoria, payment is required sooner to organise the most cost-efficient travel. Contact us ASAP for details.

All locations:

Teams wishing to cancel a scheduled course may do so at least one week before the training date to receive a full refund. Any travel expenses incurred are not refundable.

Cancellations requested less than one week from the scheduled date are ineligible for a refund. Storyline Training will be happy to re-schedule your training to a more appropriate date, subject to availability.

Teams wishing to cancel a scheduled course may do so at least one week before the training date to receive a full refund. Any travel expenses incurred will not be refunded.

Cancellations requested less than one week from the scheduled date are ineligible for a refund. Storyline Training will be happy to re-schedule your training to a more appropriate date, subject to availability.

After completing one of our courses you are welcome to email your trainer with any post-training questions you may have.

We also write helpful articles and create video tutorials to which anyone can subscribe and view. We often get requests for tutorials on specific topics and we do our best to create them.

If you’re after something more formal, get in touch. We can chat about your needs and get a training support plan in place.

Our Quick Start course can get one of your folks operating at a basic level in under a day. If you need something more advanced, or if you’d like it even sooner, you may be well-served to contract a developer for your project.

Storyline Developer will sort you out.

They’re our sister-company. We share experts.


Veronica was knowledgeable, professional and friendly. A great introduction to Storyline!

Gemma C, HR & Training Admin @ BCI Minerals

Veronica is a great training instructor and very knowledgeable. Thank you.

Svetlana L, Academic manager @ ACU English Language Centre

The perfect combo of learning and fun! Thank you for helping us, humouring us, and exploring our ‘what if’ questions with grace and warmth. Awesome trainer 🙂

Mereki White, L&D Specialist @ Essential Energy

Veronica was clear in her explanations, knowledgeable in her subject and engaging at all times. Veronica obviously has a passion for Storyline development and I would highly recommend her course.

Greg M, Learning Design Manager @ Essential Energy

A useful training whether you are new or needing some quick tips and tricks. Veronica is very knowledgeable and responsive.

Moraig Vuurman, Learning Designer @ Bond University

Thanks Veronica, great sessions for Pro Kit!

Kylie Smith, Training Officer @ Central Coast Council

Interactive, fun and instructive sessions. Loved it!

Laura James, Project Training Manager @ Dulux

Well done! The course was extremely useful.
I learned tricks I had no idea of before.

Antti P, Training Specialist @ Comptel

The training is well planned and really useful.

Anjul Khera, Digital Solutions Manager @ SuperFriend

Easy-going yet exceptional trainer. A relaxed atmosphere. We learned a great deal in a short period of time.

Marg Collins, Business Readiness Lead @ Central Coast Council

Extremely relevant and a great starting point for new users.
Veronica was excellent at explaining all aspects of the Quick Start program.

David B, Training Officer @ Queensland Fire and Emergency Services

We chose a bespoke Storyline Training session to serve a range of skills and expectations.
It was well worth the investment.

Jane Oliver, HR Manager @ Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Legal Service

Thank you again, especially for your gentle guidance of my variable-challenged self.

Toula K, E-learning Consultant

Very skilled and knowledgeable, Veronica clearly and concisely explained what to do, easily solved our issues and gave constant positive feedback.
It was a pleasure to learn.

Craig Middleton, Training Manager @ The First Aid Group

Veronica makes it fun.

Anjul Khera, Digital Solutions Manager @ SuperFriend

Veronica intuitively gets a brief and recommends sensible improvements.
This made a potentially complex project much easier.

Theo T, General Manager

Veronica is very experienced and explains the process simply. So easy to follow.

Ian C, S&S Advisor WA/SA @ Dulux Group

Great transfer of knowledge delivered in a clear and friendly way.

Mike H, Digital Learning Designer

Veronica customised the content to meet our specific needs. Then, her delivery made it all seem easy.
Very comprehensive.

Andy Panes, Director @ The First Aid Group

Veronica is very knowledgeable and the sessions are highly engaging.

Michelle Dowling, Solutions Manager @ SuperFriend

One of the best training sessions I’ve ever had.
This team will excel thanks to your fabulous training.

Toula K, E-learning Consultant

Veronica was happy to answer all questions and suggest how to get the most out of Storyline across different businesses.

Laura James, Director @ Inside Training

Great starter package for absolute beginners.

Keith @ Queensland Fire and Emergency Services

Thank you! I’m so keen to start working with all the ideas you’ve given us!
I just want to bury myself in a digital blanket fort and play with Storyline all week.

Miriam R, Instructional Designer

Our instructional designers found the training interesting and useful. They are keen to trial their new skills.
We’re sure to call on you again when we need further training.

Clare N, Head of Teaching

Veronica brought creativity and credibility to the work we asked her to do on behalf of Chisholm Online.

Theo T, General Manager

The Storyline Training Team

Storyline Training courses are led by Veronica Budnikas, Australia’s foremost e-learning  expert who specialises in Storyline development. She’s got a Masters degree in Online Education and oodles of experience in L&D. Known in the industry as Veronica B, her reputation for e-learning excellence and knowledge sharing is well earned. In fact, she is one of only 29 Articulate Super Heroes worldwide. Of course, she’s nationally certified for training and assessment.

Then, there’s David: the writer of these paragraphs as well as some educational content for both Storyline Training and Storyline Developer. With a PhD and a history of acclaimed instructional design and comms, you can bet the training will be top shelf.

But Veronica is the heart and soul of Storyline Training. A professional Storyline user since its inception, she’s in with the folks who develop and distribute the software. An avid Articulate community contributor, Veronica has also enjoyed an additional role as an Articulate beta-test team member.

We love learning and we love sharing.
And, we know you do too. That’s why we’re all here.


    IMPORTANT: Given the exceptional circumstances throughout Australia and beyond, Storyline Training is exclusively delivering online from March 2020. You can still book the Quick Start, the Power Launch and the Pro Kit, now via the internet instead of onsite!

    Number of team members interested in training?*

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