360 Content Library Extras, Part 1: New Assets & Cast Members

The March 2017 Articulate 360 update brings welcome expansion of the Articulate 360 Content Library. This and other recent tweaks have refined all of the 360 apps. But e-learning developers are currently abuzz about how the new features are used in Storyline 360.

There are two big ticket items in the new update. From a pure capability standpoint, top spot goes to the new closed captions features. Then, there’s the convenience stakes. There, the gong goes to the expanded Content Library. We’ll look at the latter here and now.

If you like video, press play below to see lead Storyline trainer Veronica B explore the new content.
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What’s new in the Articulate 360 Content Library?

When Storyline 360 launched, its new content library was a head-turner. It simplified the process of sourcing royalty and attribution-free graphic assets. It made it even easier to insert them into your e-learning projects. Best of all, it all happens right in Storyline 360. The entire thing is included with the subscription.

Articulate’s rolling updates are making Content library better and better. The March 2017 update brings new characters and something new: royalty-free photos and other convenient graphic assets.

New characters

This update gave us three new characters: William, Sheila and Nora. Now, anyone with a 360 subscription can use these folks in their e-learning for free!

William, Sheila and Nora are new characters in the Storyline content library.
Will is a full arm-fold kinda guy. Sheila prefers a choral clasp. Nora = sensible shoes.

Royalty-free graphic assets: photos, illustrations, icons and videos

Content Library has also received a stack of new graphical assets, including:

  • photos
  • illustrations
  • icons and
  • videos.

There are thousands of high resolution photos to search through. From office environments, to animals, to construction sites to medical equipment, most search terms will bring up results. And, if you’re course uses an illustrated style, there are also thousands of illustrations on offer.

Now that square-edged buttons are taken for granted, Articulate gives us a heap of new icons. Slowly but surely, they’re building in variety. As the library continues to evolve, customisation will get easier. As developers use it to its full extent, we’ll get greater variation and truly customised e-learning interfaces.

There are plenty of HD videos too. You’re not going to get a clip of a Zac Efron explaining your exact topic, but there is a wide selection of vision to choose from. The available clips will be good as moving backgrounds. They’ll also add flair in all sorts of contexts.

Now, it's easy to add video to your e-learning project via the Storyline content library
If you like time-lapse clouds, you’re in for a real treat

What’s next?

The March 7 update was the third significant upgrade in under four months. (In total, there have been five updates so far, but two of them were just bug-fixes.) You can tell that the developers are trying to improve their value-proposition. They seem to be heading in the right direction. Thankfully, it looks like they’ve still got momentum.

As the 360 suite matures, each batch of new features meshes nicely with all that came before. While our Storyline Training news can keep you up to date with new releases, more comprehensive guidance is available in the Storyline Training courses. They are designed to rapidly improve your team’s e-learning capability. The sessions can be customised to measure, delivered on site and facilitated by one of Australia’s leading e-learning experts.

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