Storyline Quick Start

Storyline Quick Start

Participant level: Novice
Duration: 5 hours
Get developing yesterday. This 5-hour course is designed for maximum efficiency. Participants enter with no knowledge of Storyline. They exit with the ability to put together and publish a basic e-learning course.

Course outcomes

Get your team up and running with Storyline as quickly as possible.

Smart cookies can learn the basics and create a course in just a few hours.

Here, we keep it simple. You get tight guidance on everything necessary to develop and publish a simple course. This course doesn’t go into Storyline’s more complex components because it doesn’t have to. Newcomers are empowered to get creating instantly. On completion, they’ll be able to develop and publish basic e-learning courses—including assessment—ready for upload.

For more in-depth training, see our Power Launch and Pro Kit courses.

Who should take this course?

  • Learning designers, inexperienced with e-learning authoring tools, wanting to get started with Storyline.
  • People with some experience of other e-learning authoring tools, wanting to switch to Storyline.
  • People with a training or teaching background who are moving into the e-learning design/development field.


Before undertaking this course, trainees should possess a basic knowledge of learning principles.
For the purposes of convenient course planning, a working knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint is advantageous, but not essential.

Course contents

The course includes how to:

  • Start a project from scratch
  • Navigate the Storyline interface
  • Add scenes, slides and layers
  • Insert content and media
  • Use triggers and states to create interactivity
  • Create assessment
  • Set player options and navigation
  • Publish your project into LMS and web-ready formats.

Participants receive:

  • Digital assets
  • Re-usable Storyline course templates
  • Colour printed manual

Does this course cover software simulations?

No. Thorough coverage of screen recordings is available in our Power Launch course.

Will participants become expert users after this course?

To the layperson, the capabilities for producing e-learning will appear remarkably enhanced. From a technical perspective, this course covers only the tip of the iceberg for what is possible with Storyline.

As a quick start, this course provides everything required to get up and running as quickly as possible. They will be able to create a complete basic, e-learning course.


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