Is there a minimum size for group training?


In fact, the great individual attention given to each participant in smaller groups can make them a very appealing way to go.

With Storyline Training’s flat fee per course, you’re free to balance the price-per-participant with the benefit of more personalised training and one-on-one opportunities.

Contact us ASAP and we’ll send you a rate card for your location.

Is there a maximum size for group training?

Yes. Ten (10) is the maximum limit for group Storyline Training sessions.

Our sessions aren’t lectures, they’re designed to be interactive and engaging. These are pretty intensive practical courses. Our in-the-room experience shows that once groups get beyond ten, the benefits of expert guidance diminish.

Keep it to ten or fewer and everyone has the best opportunity to get what they need.

How do Storyline Training group sessions work?

Sessions are completely hands-on. There is no sitting just listening to a trainer talk. We get straight into it from the get-go.

Your trainer will walk you through the topics step-by-step on a big screen. Participants follow on their computers, asking questions where required. Your trainer will check on you regularly and make sure everyone is going OK. They might even give you a chocolate bar.