Add & Edit Closed Captions directly in Storyline 360

These days, we can use Storyline 360 to add closed captions to online interactions.

With this terrific accessibility feature, you can:

  • create your own captions for any video or audio file inserted into Storyline
  • edit closed caption files created in another application, in Storyline

Here’s a video to walk you through it:

As accessibility concerns get more widely recognised, this nifty feature is sure to be appreciated. The team at Storyline Developer say that accessibility is moving up the priority list for many organisations—both for commercial projects and internal training programs.

Thankfully, the folks at Articulate have made their closed captions solution super easy!

Back in the dark ages, developers needed third-party software to make closed captions work. That was okay, but Storyline now does it all. That handily simplifies the e-learning development process, and the list of apps needed by developers.

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