Storyline Power Launch: 21 & 22 March 2019 @ Melbourne

$1,155.00 Includes GST

Two intensive days of top-shelf interactive training. The boost you need to jump from zero to pro. Go from a standing start to a high-flying e-learning developer.

Learn to quickly create professional-level online courses with Articulate’s acclaimed Storyline software.

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Duration: 2 x 8-hour sessions

Create courses that are customised, interactive and attractive.

Enter as a novice. Become a professional operator. Develop e-learning with confidence.

The Power Launch from Storyline Training is a 2-session program designed as a springboard for folks with little or no knowledge of Storyline. After a couple of intensive sessions, you’ll be able to create and publish engaging and compelling e-learning from scratch.

In this deep exploration of Articulate Storyline’s core capabilities, you’ll learn how to:

  • Start from scratch
  • Navigate the Storyline interface
  • Add scenes, slides and layers
  • Insert content and media
  • Use triggers and states to create interactivity
  • Build assessments
  • Define player options and navigation
  • Publish to LMS and web-ready formats


  • Create custom navigation
  • Personalise your e-learning
  • Include animation
  • Create software simulations
  • Develop custom quizzes


Veronica B is a practising lead at Storyline Developer Australia. She likes clean and simple designs that promote comprehension and learning retention, while still being a bit of good fun.

Veronica was a corporate trainer before e-learning was a thing. In the early 2000’s, she became an early advocate of electronic educational technology in Australia and earned a Masters degree of Online Education. Since then, she’s stayed at the top of her game.

Mixing practical know-how with evidenced-based methodologies, Veronica has become one of the most sought-after corporate mentors for e-learning in Australia and has been dubbed an E-learning Super Hero by Articulate—the software geniuses behind Storyline 360.


Participants should have an interest in principles of learning and development.

Storyline Power Launch is appropriate training for:

  • Learning designers with some, little or no experience with authoring tools.
  • People with experience of other e-learning authoring tools, wanting to switch to Storyline.
  • People with a training or teaching background who are moving into e-learning design/development.

Familiarity with productivity software like Microsoft PowerPoint is advantageous, but not essential.


Along with structured learning sessions and unfettered access to the Australian e-learning expert, participants also receive:

  • Digital assets
  • Re-usable Storyline assets
  • Colour printed manual

Course outcomes

Upskill to create interactive online courses and software simulations.

Power Launch is a basis for mastery of Storyline’s out-of-the-box features, with additional exploration of how to customise the look-and-feel and interactions. Newcomers are empowered to create courses instantly, while intermediate users will elevate their courses to the next level.

On completion, they’ll be able to develop and publish interactive e-learning courses—including assessment—ready for upload.

Will I become an expert user after the course?

Storyline Power Launch gives participants all they need to develop better-than-basic e-learning. Graduates will be able to produce software simulations and e-learning that is interactive, customised and engaging. The technical skills you acquire will make it possible to bring your e-learning vision to fruition.

Once you’ve put the principles into practice, you might approach a limit of Storyline’s basic capabilities. When you reach that point, we can guide you to push the limits with Storyline Pro Kit training.